• Xuzhou Tongshang County Rural Commercial Bank 徐州铜山县农村商业银行
The project is located in West Beijing Road, with a total floor area of 37000 square meters. The design scope is mainly divided into two parts.
Existing building facade renovation and interior design. Facade design that intent from China old tower Vertical line by the glass curtain wall to be modern interpretation form facade effect with a sense of rhythm and a sense of rhythm. Old tower's tilt glass can block the direct sunlight, not only for the office staff to provide a good view of the landscape, but also can be given to the ecological significance of building energy saving.
According to enterprise's characteristic and culture attribute, interior design through the jade, tripod and flowing water of elements design interprets the "precious", "stability" and "development" of the concept of culture. First ,We integrated space structure on the existing indoor, We first have a unified integration of the existing indoor space structure, according to the actual use of the existing demand for re-optimization. The original The flow line of people and vertical traffic does not conform to the office of actual demand for the use, so in the combination of the various functional modules on the basis of the relationship between the vertical traffic on a reasonable and orderly distribution, and its fire evacuation, the space structure has been adjusted.

  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 37000sqm
  • Interior Design
  • 2015