• Peixian Gefeng Real Estate 沛县·歌风小区建筑设计
The project is located inthe west of Zhengyang Road, the east of Xiangcheng Road, the southof Gefeng Road, the north of Xinpei Road in Pei County.The scheme reflects the respect and attention to the urban environment in terms of the overall layout, facade type, landscape design and other fields to make the block actively integrated into the overall atmosphere of the citythrough the reasonable layout strategy and unique linguistic form, thus becoming an organic part of the urban form. The overall layout will be adapted to the whole-new home model in the twenty-first Century, and the comfortable living environment and good landscape environment is the ultimate objective of buildings. The scheme will attach focus on design oflandscape spacein the residential area while meeting the sunlight and ventilation comfort requirements,hence achieving effectively and freely flexible landscape space system throughthe rational layout and type treatment. 
The design attaches focus on tapping and reflecting the local culture to explore the creation of regional buildings. Thetype of entrance and exit, sign,inscribed board and square layout, shop window display and hard rocks etc. are visual cultural appearance.On the other hand, the hidden cultural characteristics such as local customs etc. can reflects the connotation of culturemore deeply.The form of cultural infiltration is multifaceted, not necessarily to apply a certain form, but needs to createaccording to the actual local conditions.

设计中注重当地文化的挖掘和体现,探索地域性建筑创作。从出入口的形式,标志和题额,广场的布置,橱窗展示,顽石……等等,都是一种可视的文化表象。而隐性的文化特征,如地方风情、风俗等等叶是文化的内涵的体现。 文化的渗入的形式是多方面的,不一定要应用某种形式,而需要因地制宜的创造。

  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 15.19ha
  • 451,800sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2016