• Greenland Group Jiaoshan Lake Huyu Villa 绿地集团娇山湖·湖语墅
The project is located in the southern suburbs of the historical and cultural city- Xuzhou, east to Beijing-Shanghai Railway, south to Lianluo expressway, and connects to 104,307,310 national highways via Third Ring Road Road. The entire block lay out in accordance with the "lower in south and higher in north and green in the middle" principle, in line with local habits. The block is naturally divided into two well-arranged large residential areas by the main roads between block groups and the landscape green axis in the community center, where the Southern District is in scattered layout, forming landscape corridor, the Northern district is elevated by 0.9m, both of districts stand opposite and co-share greenery, overlooking the lake-view.
The plan design of the entire community focuses on the lake as the center and lay out from south to north like the skyline to achieve the maximum and best landscape viewpoint, effectively improving the image of the city and living environment of the community. The residential is well-arranged, the facade is treated in a concise and bright manner, starting from the whole to make delicate portrayal. Pay attention to changes in spatial modeling techniques, pursue contrast combination of space, light, color and texture. Highlight personality, emphasize the recognition and belonging. The classical architectural elements is ingeniously integrated into the building, to enhance visual quality of features.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 8.56ha
  • 63070sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2014